Fine Art Photography

Collectors and Photographers:
Please Join Me in Pondering the State of
Photographic Art

My circuitous route through a long career in professional photography has swung back to my roots. So many bloggers are picking up my images.

And curators and collectors appreciate photojournalism as fine art.

There’s a message there!

Hence into the archives I go. I’m digitizing a series of nostalgic images.

It’s satisfying to capture the human spirit, framed in a meaningful composition. I’m fascinated with portraying people relating—to each other, to their surroundings—-in this case dancers (at right) releasing their feelings and a family of Hasidic boys (at left) at their lessons with their father at the famed Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.

Abstracts In Camera

And it’s satisfying to find nature itself speaking to me.

Black-Eyed-Susan / Asters / Spring-Foliage