Delightful Instants

Capturing a Moment in Time

Delightful Instants

In an era of flashbulbs and press cameras, I was exploring what available light had to offer. It presented the world as we saw it, without the harsh effect of a single flash. Both techniques froze a moment that goes by in a blur.

Photographing peak action stopped the movement at its height.  It allowed slow shutter speeds in an era of slow films. And it preserved a feeling forever.


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Moving On

I learned more about the process, more about the marketing, more about the human condition. I gravitated to photojournalism, happy with candid photography…

B42-10 Father&Family&Liberty Bell5X8


…and grateful to people willing to share their lives for my magazine assignments:

College Educated Cops in April 1971 Pageant Magazine

College-educated police, from the April 1971 issue of Pageant magazine.

Photojournalism sharpened skills that applied as I tried out other phases of photography, following the twists and turns of a rapidly changing profession.  Reacting to my own decisive moments, I sought emotional content whenever it might appear, meaningful composition as a frame, and the feel and shape of the situation.


I remember wishing that I had had a mentor back then, someone experienced, with an overview to help guide me.  Instead I created a composite, picking up bits and pieces from so many people I met.

Now I have become one of those who nurture.  I have stories to tell, I have realized, after participating in panel discussions, lectures, gallery talks, any events where people gather around.  I’ve come to recognize that, wow! I’ve learned something. And I learn even more as I explain to, and consult with, others.

I hope that collectors and curators might want to join in, to share insights with anyone wanting to improve their photography.


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Politics in 1960

When Nixon And Kennedy Competed For The Presidency

All images Copyright ©1960 Michael Philip Manheim. All Rights Reserved.

46B-15__Campaigner2 crop

Nixon rally at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia in 1960


Vice President (For 8 years under Dwight D. Eisenhower) Richard M. Nixon ran against Senator John F. Kennedy in the closest election since 1916.

46B-20_Campaign cigar & pipe cropped


Kennedy was the youngest President at age 43 and the first Catholic.  His win came from an Electoral College vote.

Kennedy proved a media master.  Theirs was the first televised presidential debate, and image played a role.  Three of these photographs seem to telegraph a feeling for the times and for that would-be urbane college crowd.

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