The Circus Comes to Town

The circus would roll into Alliance, Ohio every spring.

___Entrance to Old-Time Circus---Use this 5x8__prime w white ©
In 1957, it was the traditional circus.
Elephants provided pulling power
for trucks stuck in the mud,
 31A-3 Circus Elephants Pull Truck_Prime w © white 5x8
and townsfolk were eager for entertainment once all was in place.
I was a witness, a budding photojournalist knowing none of my subjects,
eager to hone my skills.
I was using a Leica IIIF, with distance and exposure pre-set, so that my reflexes could take over. No time to think, only to spontaneously react.
 This was the practice I needed.
Have you ever sought out events where you could photograph this way?